Facebook and Employers

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Alright, let me debunk some stupid.

A proposed amendment to FCC legislation that would have prevented current or potential employers from seeking access to employee Facebook accounts was shot down by the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The amendment was put forth by Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter, and it was defeated 236 to 184 with only one republican voting in favor of the change.

Here’s the thing, we don’t need a law or an amendment or any such thing to deal with this. We need for people to be smart. If I was in a job interview and my potential boss asked me for my Facebook password, I would get up, walk out, and never come back. If I had a job, say I had it for a year or three or ten, and my employer asked for my Facebook password, I would (after having checked to make sure I didn’t just have a power hungry boss doing stuff not company approved), walk out and never come back.

This also goes for my personal email (company email might possibly be different), my Twitter account, the keys to my house, the keys to my car etc. ad infinitum.

These sorts of things don’t require laws or legislation or any form of big brother looking after us. All that is required is for people to be smart. If someone gives away their Facebook password, well that’s their own stupid fault isn’t it?